Hi! I’m McKenzie. Just a 20-something on a budget, eating and moving in a way that makes me happy.


I’m a Los Angeles native, but strayed to the Northeast to get my BS in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell. After graduating in 2016, I found my way down south to do the grad school thing at UNC Chapel Hill where I’m currently completing the MPH/RD program before heading on to a career as a Registered Dietitian.


In the midst of all this dream following, I’m just a girl with some nutritious foodie ~vibes~ who enjoys exploring farmer’s markets and coffee shops alike, learning and seeking inspiration as I go. Nutrition is my passion and cooking is my love–coming from an Intuitive Eating/Heath At Every Size standpoint, I’m enthusiastic about sharing my thoughts with anyone and everyone who will listen.

20-Something Nutrition is a blog that shares evidence-based and body-positive nutrition info, as well as healthy, doable, and affordable recipes.

Read away my friends.