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Hippie granola (super crunchy)

HELLO INTERNET. I'm back! I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to focus my mental energy on my clinical dietetic internship this past summer. For 12 weeks I worked at a big hospital in Charlotte, NC, and had a really fabulous time exploring the city in my free time. Now, I'm back in… Continue reading Hippie granola (super crunchy)

Intuitive Eating Series

Intuitive Eating Blog Series – Part 3: Make peace with food

So, if you've read my posts about ditching diets and honoring your hunger, we've made some steps away from the deprivation mindset and through actually allowing yourself to eat. The next question is, what kind of food should you eat? The answer to that question is: eat what you crave. Yes, LISTEN to your cravings. Not… Continue reading Intuitive Eating Blog Series – Part 3: Make peace with food

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Week of eats and movement – May

Hello friends! I'm writing from Charlotte, NC, where I just finished up my second week of clinical nutrition internship. So far I spent 1 week in foodservice management, and another in general medicine and oncology. Up next is cardiology ICU, which sounds so exciting and intimidating at the same time! I'm updating my Instagram a… Continue reading Week of eats and movement – May

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Super easy overnight oats

Yay for spring! The warmer mornings have me craving a cool, refreshing breakfast. Overnight oats are an awesome option for something quick to fuel a busy morning. They're already pretty easy to make: oats + milk/yogurt/kefir + toppings, stir it up and let it soak overnight. But, sometimes I find that the ratio isn't quite… Continue reading Super easy overnight oats

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Banana bread – gluten-free and original recipes

Banana bread was always a staple baked good in my house growing up. Once a banana started to get even a few brown spots, I would basically demand that no one eat it so my mom could use it to make banana bread. Now, I pretty much do the same thing! Except now I have… Continue reading Banana bread – gluten-free and original recipes

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Spring break recap & eats

Thank goodness for spring break! I really needed a chance to breathe. The week started with a night out in Chapel Hill with my roommates. The next day I flew out to LA and pretty much studied and chilled at home except for a day trip to San Diego. My boyfriend came down to visit… Continue reading Spring break recap & eats

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Intuitive Eating Blog Series – Part 2: Honor your hunger

This is the second post of my blog series on Intuitive Eating - definitely check out this first post on ditching diet culture if you haven't already. I highly encourage anyone reading this to also get a copy of the Intuitive Eating book and read it for yourself; these blog posts are my perspective on what… Continue reading Intuitive Eating Blog Series – Part 2: Honor your hunger

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Update on blog updates + cinnamon almond crunch chickpea bars

Hello friends! You might have received an email from me recently notifying you of a new, upgraded newsletter I'm doing. If you didn't, join the club!! After this post I'll be transitioning completely to this new format, so click here to subscribe to my new newsletter!  I'm hoping to use the newsletter as a way to… Continue reading Update on blog updates + cinnamon almond crunch chickpea bars

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A week of eats – January/ February

Hello lovely people! I love posting recipes on here, but I thought I'd give you an idea of how all the food I eat, both home-cooked and not, integrates into my daily routine over the course of a week. Not every day looks the same; I think it's important to remember that you will likely… Continue reading A week of eats – January/ February

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Multigrain banana pancakes

Ok so basically pancakes are the S***. So good. I love making them on the weekend, and for some reason only recently discovered I could make a bunch of them, and then freeze or refrigerate the rest to be toasted whenever I want to eat them next! WOW. Talk about epiphanies. The reason I made… Continue reading Multigrain banana pancakes