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Hippie granola (super crunchy)

HELLO INTERNET. I'm back! I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging to focus my mental energy on my clinical dietetic internship this past summer. For 12 weeks I worked at a big hospital in Charlotte, NC, and had a really fabulous time exploring the city in my free time. Now, I'm back in… Continue reading Hippie granola (super crunchy)

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Super easy overnight oats

Yay for spring! The warmer mornings have me craving a cool, refreshing breakfast. Overnight oats are an awesome option for something quick to fuel a busy morning. They're already pretty easy to make: oats + milk/yogurt/kefir + toppings, stir it up and let it soak overnight. But, sometimes I find that the ratio isn't quite… Continue reading Super easy overnight oats

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Banana bread – gluten-free and original recipes

Banana bread was always a staple baked good in my house growing up. Once a banana started to get even a few brown spots, I would basically demand that no one eat it so my mom could use it to make banana bread. Now, I pretty much do the same thing! Except now I have… Continue reading Banana bread – gluten-free and original recipes

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Multigrain banana pancakes

Ok so basically pancakes are the S***. So good. I love making them on the weekend, and for some reason only recently discovered I could make a bunch of them, and then freeze or refrigerate the rest to be toasted whenever I want to eat them next! WOW. Talk about epiphanies. The reason I made… Continue reading Multigrain banana pancakes

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Spicing up your life + pumpkin coffee cake

It's October, and I have succumbed... I am so into pumpkin spice EVERYTHING lately! And Trader Joe's has been seriously hooking me up (per usual). I also love using straight up pumpkin from the can in my cooking and baking. Pumpkin is a starchy vegetable that is chock full of beta-carotene (your body converts this… Continue reading Spicing up your life + pumpkin coffee cake

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On Eating Local + Layered Smoothie

In my previous blog and Instagram posts, I've dropped here and there little tidbits about eating local and seasonal whenever possible. Here are my consolidated thoughts, and a recipe for a layered smoothie! I somehow have managed to not post a single smoothie in the almost two years I've had this blog... but alas, this… Continue reading On Eating Local + Layered Smoothie

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Pumpkin nutella breakfast cookies (gluten free)

Happy Halloween!! I had a blast dressing up this weekend, but now that Monday has hit I feel like a grandma and all I want to do is bake something yummy. SO that's what I did today. Just in time for the end of October, I present to you my version of pumpkin breakfast cookies!… Continue reading Pumpkin nutella breakfast cookies (gluten free)

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Wholesome banana oat bread

So...what to do with those three overripe bananas you have laying around?? Make them into banana bread, of course! This recipe is adapted from a one out of an old cookbook from the 80s that my mom cracks open occasionally, called The Athlete's Kitchen. It is surprisingly low in sugar and fat (only 2 tablespoons vegetable… Continue reading Wholesome banana oat bread

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Whole wheat french toast

It's Saturday morning, 11 am. I roll out of bed and immediately think, "Coffee. now." The second thing on my mind? FOOD. Whether I'm at my apartment in Ithaca during the school year or at home with my family in California, Saturday mornings are for brunch: that one morning meal meal I can actually take some… Continue reading Whole wheat french toast