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Week of eats and movement – May

Hello friends! I'm writing from Charlotte, NC, where I just finished up my second week of clinical nutrition internship. So far I spent 1 week in foodservice management, and another in general medicine and oncology. Up next is cardiology ICU, which sounds so exciting and intimidating at the same time! I'm updating my Instagram a… Continue reading Week of eats and movement – May

Weekly eats

A week of eats – January/ February

Hello lovely people! I love posting recipes on here, but I thought I'd give you an idea of how all the food I eat, both home-cooked and not, integrates into my daily routine over the course of a week. Not every day looks the same; I think it's important to remember that you will likely… Continue reading A week of eats – January/ February

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Multigrain banana pancakes

Ok so basically pancakes are the S***. So good. I love making them on the weekend, and for some reason only recently discovered I could make a bunch of them, and then freeze or refrigerate the rest to be toasted whenever I want to eat them next! WOW. Talk about epiphanies. The reason I made… Continue reading Multigrain banana pancakes

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PB chocolate chip chickpea cookies

So first, let's just set the precedent that sometimes we need to let cookies be cookies. Regular old chocolate chip cookies are one of the most satisfying treats known to human kind. Why would you want to mess with that? Other times, it's fun to experiment with different ingredients in baking, especially when your goal… Continue reading PB chocolate chip chickpea cookies